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Nikki Cash's Horoscope Sign - Virgo

According to research, Forbes, Wikipedia and Business Week, Nikki Cash's net worth is about $1.5 million. This includes the value of her five-property properties in New York, rent on her Fifth Avenue apartment, and other miscellaneous income from the various activities she participates in as an actress and singer. Her salary as a singer is said to be about $million annually. Net worth and salary.

About a month ago, tabloids reported that Nikki Cash had been arrested on charges of criminal abuse stemming from an incident with one of her then body guards. The incident happened when the guard, identified as Richard Demidio, tried to restrain Cash while she was intoxicated at a party in Manhattan. According to police sources, witnesses identified Demidio as the person who tackled Cash to the ground, threw her down, choked her, and left her bloodied and bruised. In pictures taken by other onlookers, it appears that Cash suffered a broken nose and teeth, and a cut on her lip. Demidio has been charged with assault for the attack.

A horoscope sign reading by Nikki Cash reveals that she is presently playing the character of "Tinker Bell" in Disney's newest animated film, Maleficent. This is interesting on several levels since the last time we saw Nikki Cash, she was playing the evil character "Sinbad" in the same movie. It seems that the two characters may have met and fallen in love while filming the latest installment of the movie, which is set to open in March. It is also common knowledge that Cash was dating Breaking Up's Jesse James until recent times. Therefore, it is possible that she may reunite with the man she used to be with, or simply move on with her life once again.

Nikki Cash's birth sign is Virgo, and she has the attributes of an intelligent, artistic person. Her artwork, which is usually in the form of drawing and paintings, often reflect astrological subjects such as flowers and the moon. Her illustrations are often very colorful, providing a vibrant view for those who are drawn to such imagery. Many of her illustrations also feature nails and various body parts.

The real world events that can have an effect on Nikki Cash's horoscope have a great deal to do with the star's personal life. In one notable case, she was married to Richard Nixon, which occurred while she was pregnant. After the wedding, they had to sell the house and the family car because the value had decreased to the point that they couldn't pay for them. This was a major blow to her, since the United States government had cut off aid to the family. Since she deeply resented the fact that her husband had so little respect for her, this incident devastated her.

Nikki Cash's astrological chart is mostly an interesting and colorful read, especially if you examine it closely. It lists several other planets as well, including Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. While some readers might consider this to be irrelevant to their reading of the star's future, others who study the stars regularly will find it valuable. For anyone who wants to take a stab at astrology for a living or to improve their daily life, it might be a good way to start.

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